City parks are a great asset to any community. They offer residents the ability to get outdoors and enjoy nature. The availability of city parks can often have a great impact on the family’s decision where to purchase their home.

Where to Find Your City Parks

When moving into a new city, you should begin your search on your town or city’s government website. These websites will often hold directories all the town and city parks in your area. Most have helpful maps to guide you to these places of recreation. Many parks have open areas for playing, jungle gyms and swing sets, and even basketball courts. Visiting your city parks will allow you to know what each unique park has to offer. It will also give you a good sense of the type of community and neighborhood in which the park resides. Be on the lookout for signs as many parks have different rules and regulations for their hour of operations and whether pets are allowed.

Park map of Holland Michigan

Compare these maps to where you’re searching for home and you’ll be able to find if you have any local parks in your area. Use your real estate agent as well. Holland Michigan real estate agent Kyle Geenen says, “A good local agent will know his or her community and neighborhood. They can’t tell you about the local city parks then you might want to find a new agent!”

Community and Development Parks

Some housing developments and neighborhood communities will have their own private parts. These are often maintained by homeowners association fees and can offer bigger luxuries like a swimming pool. If you are planning to move into a new development, take this into consideration and inquire about any parks or extra amenities.

Having a close city park makes it easy for your family enjoy the great outdoors. It should not be overlooked during your search for a new home.